The case of outright dismissal or retrenchment of several highly grounded, intelligent and trained personnels seems to be the order of the day.

  Most times, we all wonder why this set of rare gems get dismissed from their workplace. We utter statements such as- “why on earth will they do this to him or what on earth was the CEO thinking to have dismissed that highly intelligent personnel from work?”.

   But, rarely do we sit down to consider and carefully analyse the situation to see why.

 ” Yes! it happens, there’s no new thing underneath the sun. Afterall, they don’t deserve my services. I’ve got to move on to a better place.”

Those are the words these sets of people reach out to to console themselves. They fail or never try to take a look at the situation critically to know what caused it. Forgetting that there’s always a REASON for every ACTION.

  Having said this, let’s go take a vivid look at some of the reasons why these sets of people get dismissed. In no particular order;

    a)  CHARACTER: Most highly trained personnels like to blab about their worth or about their credentials. “I have amassed a wealth of certificates to my name”, some would say.” I schooled in this and graduated with that “another would say.
   Yes, it’s no bad thing to have a vast knowledge or experience in a particular field of study.

In fact, managers, CEOs, will most likely buy it as quickly as possible when they tender their curriculum vitae.

But little do these sets of people recall that ” your gift or worth may carry you into an arena where your character cannot keep you.”

   In the process of time, when they’ve resumed duties, the character issue pops up. Their co-workers now find it difficult to cope with them. They become deserted because other workers find them unbearable.

   Then the BIG blow comes, they get dismissed. That’s when you hear the CEO that was once overwhelmed with their great success say things like– ” we can’t continue with him, he’s a bust” or ” sorry dude, it’s a character thing for me.”

    b) ADAPTABILITY ISSUES:         Every progressive opportunity requires some form of extreme adaptation or the opportunity is often forfeited and regression begins.

The issue of adaptability also comes to play.  So many fail to adapt to their new environment, present situation etc. They continue to live in the past and this in one way or the other distorts their efficiency and productivity.

   Simply put, they are out of Egypt ( their past) but Egypt isn’t out of them.  They fail to realize that a lot is expected of them considering their wealth of achievements.

c)  IMMATURE WAY OF HANDLING CONFLICT:  Most highly trained personnels who undoubtedly have the education to work in the corporate world  do not possess the social acumen to match their educational expertise.

   Though intelligent, talented and capable, most, find it pretty difficult to control their personal issues in a professional environment. When they encounter conflict, their reactions would override their abilities.

  In fact, they revert to street- style anger which most likely is their default settings.

  They allow the anger and bitterness that we all sometimes feel while on the job to hijack their rational mind and divert their career from one of ascension to one of constant regression.

   Also, they don’t seem to realize that their tricky signals of protest makes them unfit for professional workplaces.

It isn’t always that they physically get involved in a fight. But they, like skunk in the forest, secrete signals to other co-workers that they are perturbed. This therefore makes it difficult for other workers to partner with them.

 d) ‘ISLAND OF MY OWN‘ : The crazy idea of always wanting to be an island of their  own makes them seriously unbearable for others.

   Most highly trained personnels always want to be the ultimate man, the one to be in the spotlight, the goal-scorer. Forgetting that it takes a pass or a cross from other team mates to get the ball at the back of the net.

  As the saying goes, ‘ a tree cannot make a forest’. But sadly enough, most, don’t go with this ideology. Their adamant nature therefore causes a regression in the company’s output.

   It is okay not to buy every proposal, idea or concept into one’s domain. But in this case, most of these people do it to a fault.

  They never ever go with other co-workers proposal. They are the ever ready one’s to say ‘NO’ during board meetings. They most times have this principle– If mine is not accepted, no other can or must be accepted.

    Does this subject really points to you or you remember a friend with this kind of issue, it will be better if you share it with that friend.

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