Want to be intentional? 6 Tips On Achieving Intentional Goals



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Achieving intentional goals


Many times, you’ve set your goals, mostly new year resolutions, you’ve written them down. But, somehow, you find yourself not achieving any. Of course, you want to be intentional about your goals in life, that’s the main fuel driving you towards making intentional goals. But, you keep falling and wailing.


In setting goals and achieving them, you have to be intentional. Now you may ask, how can I be intentional about my goals or how can I achieve intentional goals?


Relax, be calm. All you need do is to get your highlighter pen and follow as we unravel useful tips in achieving intentional goals in life.




For anyone to be intentional or achieve intentional goals in life, he/she has to know and have a clear message.


This entails what you want, who you see yourself becoming, a vision of where you’re going.


Having a clear message helps you get understood by your audience. They recognize what you are there to give.


Having a clear message can’t be sidelined in any facet of life, be it academics, marital, financial, and even in business like we explained in 7 ‘must haves’for business growth.


If you’re still confused, see it in this picture. To get your clear message, you have to truthfully ask yourself the question WHY? Why am I chasing this goal, why am I opening this business?




Knowing or having a clear message is just climbing a step up the ladder. Consistency in your message matters.


Creating a blog like variety.com.ng, weight loss, being your focal point and the next day, you’re talking about travel tips. It shows inconsistency with your message. Know what you want and be consistent in it on all platforms.


A good example of being consistent with your message in order to achieve intentional goals is the case of former president, Barrack Obama. During his campaign, it was noticed that he was intentional about his goals through consistency.


How do I know this, you may ask? Well, it’s simple, his campaign crew bombarded their target audience both on the internet, and house-to-house talk with the same message. Little wonder, he won the election.




You’ll notice the word ‘ feasible’. Don’t just make a target, make sure it’s feasible or achievable.


It might look little, little progress, but as you go along the road, it broadens and you’ll be able to catch up with bigger targets. If it’s to have a 100 followers on Instagram, in a month, for example, you could meet that and even surpass it by doing what it takes.


For every requirement, there’s always a requirement. You can’t be intentional with your goals without meeting the requirements of your requirement.


You want business boom, then you have to meet the requirements for business boom. It might take a while, but you’ll surely attain it if you meet the requirements of your requirement.



Achieving intentional goals entails leaving your comfort zone. This, I must confess, is a difficult one. No one wants to leave the place of solace to explore greater environment for accomplishments.


It’s always a difficult task i must confess but one has to do what has to be done to get a desired result.



You never know how close you are to achieving intentional goals when you give up.


Mind you, this journey is not a bump free ride but nonetheless, you’ve got to be prepared to face it as it hits you.


Drop the complain, you can’t go on taking milk, you have to learn how to break bones too. It’s part of the process. Just don’t give up now.


Whenever you hit the rock in your quest to achieving intentional goals in life, stand up and remember the reason why you started the race(your WHY) and forge ahead.

Now, if you find this useful, why don’t you share it with others and the world becomes itself intentional.

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