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REASONS why the highly trained are not patronized


Yes, you are the best man for the job, you’ve given a wonderful proposal, coupled with a brilliant presentation. But, somehow, you still get ditched for someone else. Relax, it’s not that it can’t be fixed, if truly there’s no solution to it, then there won’t be any need for the title- 5 reasons why the highly trained are not patronized. But, at the same time, a problem will still be a problem if the problem itself isn’t seen as a problem.


Now that you see it as a problem, and needs to be fixed, it will be much easier to get by if the reason(s) or cause of the problem is properly identified. God so good, that’s the main reason for this article– to show you reasons why the highly trained are not patronized.


So just as we provided you with, major reasons  why the highly trained are often dismissed , sit back as we  take you through the journey of why the highly trained are not patronized.



See, the truth is that, no matter how skilled you are or seem to be, if there’s any iota of unfaithfulness in you towards work, you give your clients a red signal to reverse and get another alternative.


Faithfulness in all you do in relationship with your clients is the ultimate. No matter how good you are, faithfulness is the key to their hearts.


A client will always prefer to give a contract or job to someone that keeps to agreement even if he/she isn’t the best in the business than to award the contract to the best man around but can’t be trusted to keep to agreement.


Now, before you place harsh comments on your environment, workforce, economy, or clients, take a deep introspection and check it out to really see if you are the one been unfaithful to your clients or not.




When it comes to business, being skilful isn’t enough, you have to add a very good customer-friendly attitude to it. Guess you’ve heard the saying, ” a bird cannot fly with just one wing.” Same applies to business. A business can’t go far or soar higher with just being skilful. Being skilful might bring the customers, quite true, but, a customer-friendly attitude keeps them.


You don’t address a client based on what the client has or how he looks. No, you never can tell what the client is capable of doing or bringing to your business. So treat customers like you’ll treat your own self.




” I’m the best in the business, you can ask around.” O yes, i know that, and i’m sure people in your environment also know that but ask yourself this question, does that drop money into your account or pay your bills? Hell no! Pride or being proud doesn’t add anything to you, but, takes from you.


Customers/clients , if you don’t know, are very hard to convince when they trust a particular persons’ services but you make them susceptible to the ever-bulging attractions coming from your counterparts when you’re proud.


Pride only makes you look like a skunk in the forest, releasing signals that you’re perturbed, so you lose clients. And pride only precedes a fall but being humble even if you’re the best in the business brings honour.




O goodness me! You get recommendations or referrals from previous clients that were satisfied with your services and you see it as something of no weight? How then do you want to be patronized often?


Thank your clients for recommending you to a potential client and if possible give some incentives to boost their morale. What they’ve done is advertising you, and you sure know advertising or advertisement is a business on its own but was done for you without a charge.


So appreciate their effort and treat the referred client well to ensure replication of the whole process.




Like we mentioned earlier, don’t treat a client based on what he has or how he looks, you never can tell what the client can bring to your business.


Treat all clients equally. You can’t decieve anyone. Eye-service will only make you lose clients.


Now, to come out of this disheartening situation or to avoid it, learn to put all these tools in your toolbox.


Know someone trapped in this predicament, why don’t you hit the share buttons to help the person and at the long-run we all become better which is the essence of this blog.

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