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Guess you’ve heard the statement, ‘ money must be made.’ Yes, of a truth, money must be made. But, why then do you not make the money? That’s a question you need to ask yourself.


Money, it’s non-arguably the energy currency for everything an individual, family, start-up, business does or plan to do. So, definitely we all need money to function in one way or the other. Which brings us to the question, what stops you from making the money?


Well, look no further, because we’ve got it all figured out for you. Just sit back and relax as we unfold the hidden causes. Read on!




What did you hear about money, wealth, and rich people when you were growing up? Heard phrases like money is the root of all evil, save your money for a rainy day, rich people are greedy, they take money from the poor, money doesn’t grow on trees, you can’t be rich and spiritual, and so many other whatnots. Relax, i sure heard some of it too.


Now, these are non-supportive roots that take charge of your sub-conscious, so whenever you do anything in relation to money, they take over.


In addition, you might be making money but finding it hard to keep it. All still point to one direction, non-supportive roots.


Let me provide you with an illustration. A man who grew up with the belief that ‘rich people are greedy, they take from the poor’, won’t really have much to do with money and if he really makes the money, it sub-consciously drains because he doesn’t want to feel greedy, judging from the statement he grew up with.


Do well to check your sub-conscious to see if you’re holding on to one or two non-supportive roots about money, wealth and rich people.




It is good to desire, wish and think of good things, but that will take you nowhere. Wish for it, desire it but also take the step of faith and go out for it. If the ship doesn’t come in, swim to it! Quit wishful thinking and take action.




Although most of us fail to admit it, but there’s a whole lot of truth in the saying, ” The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”


Now, ask yourself, what were your parents or guardians like when it comes to money? Where they spenders or savers? How was the money flow like in your family? Was it the sole cause of problems?


Why all these questions, you may ask? This is it! One of the greatest ways we learn as humans is by modeling. What we’ve seen our parents/guardians do somehow sticks in us, and we replicate them.


Have you for once been in a situation where you were asked why you like to do a thing in a particular way and all you say is- that’s how my mom did it?


Smiles, i got you right? That’s it. She never taught you, consciously, but you modeled it. I’d advise you do some pruning on your modeling blueprints to eject the wrong ones.




Not every means of making money works for everybody! Yes, some find it relatively easy to do some online businesses, while some go through hell to eke out a living doing the same business.


Not supporting illegitimate business though, but find what works for you. Have a keen eye, be very observant. Know what works for you, it’s part of personal development.


You may find out at the end of it all that you’ve spent a long time in the wrong path, trying to make money.




You can’t make money without taking risk or risks! Sitting on the easy-chair and thinking ‘what will be will be’ won’t work but will only bring zero amount to your bank account.


No business without risk! Yes, there’s a place for having some doubts about a business or transaction but no gain without taking the bold-step of trying it out.


You’re too scared to fall, but standing hasn’t brought any gain to you all the same. Quit the fear and take the risk. If there’s no risk in it, there’s no money in it.




Many people base their actions towards money on previous incidents or experience. See it in this picture. A lady at a dinner with her parents in a hot argument about money, few minutes later, the dad collapses as a result of a heart-attack. She tried all she could to save him but he died in her arms.


So sad right? Now tell me, what imprint will that specific incident have on the lady? She sees money or making money as pain, we definitely don’t need a rocket scientist to deduce that. So it doesn’t matter if she makes the money, it drains one way or the other because she sees pain with money.


So, if yours is finding it hard to make money or keep it, do a background check on all these points and improve your money blueprints. Don’t forget to subscribe for more at your doorstep.

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