How to deal with cheating CO-WORKERS



Everybody can’t be the same. I’m sure you might have noticed that in your environment, family or where you work. Some people are faithful to the core, they can be trusted on matters while some are not just anywhere near being truthful or faithful. But do we get to work with the faithful ones all the time? You’ll definitely agree with me that it’s a NO! That’s why we have to know how to deal with cheating co-workers.


We do not get to work with people of integrity all the time. More reason why we need to learn how to handle or deal with cheating co-workers and/or business partners.


Trying to work things out with an unfaithful co-worker or business partner doesn’t really mean you absorbing all what they do, hook, line and sinker, without getting to voice out even when you are badly hurt. No, you are only wearing out yourself and mind you the resultant factor might not be palatable.


Having said this, i’ll like you to pause a minute, beckon on friends and family that have sometimes been a victim or are presently a victim of cheating co-workers to come learn and get proven ways of handling the whole scenario.


How do you go about it or what do you do? See the under-listed;




See, to tell you the truth, no matter how pained you may be, this is the first briliant step you need to take. Call the person to sit. Compose yourself, don’t take it so personal yet. Discuss it in a civilized manner.


Table your observations about the person, sighting examples if need be. Never you allow anger or bitterness take the better side of you. Remember, anger is just a letter away from danger.


After you’ve said your observations about the person, give the person a chance to speak for himself. And mind you, never draw conclusions just from what you’ve said. It doesn’t work that way. A judge will always listen to the two sides before giving his verdict.


Funny enough, the individual might not see himself as a cheat or not trustworthy but with your calm and precise explanation, you might meltdown the individual and he might promise to turn a new leaf.




Now on to step two. If your heart-to-heart talk with the person doesn’t yield a fruitful result, like it happens in some cases, don’t panic.


Since you’ve observed the individual’s dealings with you and they’ve turned out unfaithful in all, then gradually with wisdom, withdraw or limit your association with them.


It’s not a crime if you decide not to work with a person because you’re not pleased with the person’s way of doing things. All you need do is to ensure that you don’t let the bitterness from your past relationship or dealings with them make you take unneccesary actions thereby creating a scene.




To save yourself from unneccessary blackmails or unforeseen events, make sure you document all transaction history with the co-worker.


Keep all records and make sure you have materials to fall back on in case you’re been called up to defend yourself from unworthy allegations or accusations.




If matters get to worst and it seems your co-worker’s actions can drag the prestige of the company to the mud, then you can take it to a superior colleague, most preferably your head of department.


Never you take laws into your hands, it won’t help matters, it only worsen it. Be clear, easy and mature in the way you present your case. Don’t for once let anger or emotions get the better side of you.


Present your case and let the worthy hands judge it!


To draw the curtain, learn to carry along these tools in your toolbox and apply them when necessary. If truly you’ve learnt something, why don’t you hit the share buttons to make others a beneficiary.

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