7 Tips for increasing productivity

Tips on increasing productivity is surely a dream come through for those that are tired of working, engaging in different activities without any result. You wake up everyday with aspirations but to meet with depreciation and depression at the close of the day. That actually might be you, or what you face from time to time and i’m sure it is truly fustrating.



But, calm down. There are ways to go about it and there is always a solution, ( most times hidden) to every predicament. And that’s why we’re here, to be a present help in time of need.



So, just as we provided you with useful tips on setting goals and achieving them, we’ve packaged for you cogent tips on how to translocate from mere activity to productivity. Beckon on friends and family as we journey through it together.




A famous man once said, ” There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is the definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it.”


Everything up there can be summed into one- clarity. Clarity is the most important ingredient to productivity. Your level of productivity is a function of how clear you are about what you’re doing or what you want to do.


Before you pick up that task, be sure you are clear about it. Why a few out of hundreds of workers hit a high mark of productivity is because of clarity in what they’re doing. So, take note! Before you kick-start, get clarity.




Products of the mind are like sandstones, they wear away easily when not written. If it is how to get A’s in college, make money or start a business, you’ve got to pen it down since you are clear on it.


Oh yes! Our brain has the capacity to store a lot of information but at the same time, seeing it is far helpful than thinking it. Think on paper!


Thinking on paper is one step to getting it done. It has translocated from been abstract to visible, and possible.




As you’re thinking on paper, the list keeps growing like a nascent daughter strand. Don’t rush it. Let it flow out at its own pace. When it seems like a new task springs up, add it to the list.


When you feel you have a complete list, organize them in a single place. Ensure they’re neatly written out then take the next step to increasing your productivity.




Now on to the next step. After getting your tasks in a single file, set them according to priority. Make use of the scale of preference theory.


Ensure you arrange each and every task not according to how interesting they seem but how important they are. Learn to use the 80/20 rule which we’ll talk about in our next post.


Now, if truly you’ve done this, your list will not just be organised but according to priority, which gives more clarity.




Now you have your ‘what-to-do’, or more or less a To-do list you can work on. What are you waiting for, take action! Discipline yourself to pick it up immediately and get it done.




As Brian Tracy said, eat that frog! Learn to eat the ugliest frog first. That is, the most important task at that moment should be done at that moment.


Don’t take a task that doesn’t really count if it’s done now or not and dump the one with the greatest side effects if left aside. That’s your most important task, eat it immediately.




After you’ve eaten your biggest frog, don’t stop! Yes, you derive the greatest joy when you complete your greatest task. But, what about the other ones?


Don’t leave them hanging, nobody will get it done for you. Keep moving and get them done!


Now, i know you’re like, it seems cool but can i do all these? Calm down, it isn’t a straighthjacket, and i don’t expect you to figure out everything at a go.Take it one by one, and sink it in.


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