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Overcoming procrastination


How in heavens did i not prepare for the presentation? I guess you procrastinated for a long long time. Not knowing the presentation was already, bump, on your face. It’s something that can be done easily but you somehow procrastinate. You sure want to break out from it right? Sure think it’s high time you imbibed some techniques for overcoming procrastination.


But before we plunge into the needed techniques for overcoming procrastination, it’ll be good to learn the main causes of procrastination.


What are the main causes of procrastination?

1. Fatigue:  One can be tired after a long day and decide to procrastinate on some important tasks until it is virtually forgotten.


2. It appears so hard to chew when you approach it:   Obviously, some tasks might appear so large and very hard to chew that you quickly shy away from it. Like this can’t be possible. It’s literally insurmountable so you procrastinate.


Well, little is there anything that we won’t procrastinate or push aside if we were given a chance to.


That being said, carry on as we discuss salient techniques for overcoming procrastination. Read on!


In plain text, get everything you need to execute the task at your beck and call before you begin. This way, it becomes hard for you to procrastinate.


It’s more or less getting all the ingredients you need to make a meal, ready on the counter before you start. This way, you find it relatively easy to continue since you have everything you need to complete the task.


If it’s at your workplace, put away every file and document irrelevant to the task at hand and gather the necessary ones to begin the task. Make sure they’re at your fingertips.



Guess you’ve heard the saying that, ” By the yard it’s hard but inch by inch, anything’s a cinch.”

You do not need to swallow everything at once. That’s one of the reasons for procrastination because it makes everything look large and difficult to chew.


However, take it bit by bit, applying the 80/20 rule. It simply means 20% of your activity will determine 80% of your result. In other words, take the not so easy task that’s the most important and work on it bit by bit until it’s totally accomplished.



This is as simple as its name. The ABCDE technique gives you the chance of arranging your tasks according to how important they are. Putting the  most important one with the greatest consequence when done or when you fail to do it as ” A”, the next one as “B”, to the very last one.


Relax, if in any you have two tasks on your “A” list, you could still table it as A-1, A-2 and the likes. This way, you know what to start with and this helps increase your productivity.



Most times, we wait on the line for someone to give us a nudge for us to kick-start. But sorry to bust your bubbles, hardly do that kind of person come by.


So do we keep waiting on the line and hoping? No, give yourself the mental push and get down to work as soon as possible. Be your own cheerleader!




You could start by scheduling a specific amount of time for a particular task. When it’s time, you get down to it and work. Not dropping it till you see the end of the task.


This will require you planning ahead and discipline to carry it out.


Don’t be scared of the so-called big tasks, you can actually get rid of them by scheduling a specific time for it.


In short sentence, overcoming procrastination is not a one-day task. You’re more or less trying to re-arrange your system to a new style of play. So you have to give it time and equal commitment and discipline. Your suggestions and opinion on the subject matter is highly welcomed.

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