7 business ideas for students in Nigeria

Hi there! Are you a student in any of the public institutions in Nigeria? Are you tired of the day-in-
day-out industrial action? Then relax, this is for you- 7 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria.

Remember, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop and you certainly don’t want to be a victim. So take your time, relax and read through to the end!

Businesses you can start tomorrow as a student in Nigeria;


I bet you know of some people selling data bundles at a cheaper rate. Definitely, you patronize them right?

You can also join the train with just a little amount of money. I don’t have cash! No problem, there are ways you can solicit and reach an agreement with someone already grounded in the business. You only sell underneath the person while you save some cash to start on your own.

Remember data is life! You’ve got a whole lot of things to catch up on on the internet. So that means you keep needing data just as every other person needs it. You see, with some marketing on social media platforms, you keep getting buyers.

However, in case you need help on this, shoot us a message through our contact page; caleb@variety.com.ng or use the comment box.


Some may prefer to call it marketing. Whichever way, it still adds up to the same thing.

And fortunately for you, it doesn’t require much. Just internet connection ( like data bundle) and aggressive marketing.

Here, you reach an agreement with the service providers or manufacturers of whatsoever product, you help promote their brands and products on your social media platforms, they get people to buy through you, they pay you a certain commission. No stress.

A lot of students nowadays don’t create or produce anything. All they do is sales promotion which works for them. So why don’t you try making some cash( small or big as far it’s consistent) with your data just by promoting products.


See, a lot of people, students in particular, are going into all kinds of businesses just to keep themselves busy pending the time school reopens.

Now, don’t you think this can actually be a blessing in disguise? How do I mean? It’s simple. These businesses will need logos, flyers, and different designs which you can readily provide from the comfort of your room or wherever you are right now reading this article.

I don’t have the technical know-how. Yes I know you’ll say that. But actually you can go on the internet and learn from several online tutors on YouTube, et al. The main point is this; where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

All you need do is to have a ready heart, a good device like your phone and data connection, and you’re good to go.


You see, there’s this strong connection between cakes and events. Hardly will you attend any where cakes ain’t used.

So what are you waiting for, grab your necessary materials and enrol in a school or better still learn online.


It is no gainsaying that people, both old and young will have to take care of their hair at one point or the other.

You can also incorporate this into to your work system by learning the necessary basics.


Do you know freelance writers are always on demand. Bloggers, site owners and many other whatnots are always in search of freelance writers for their services.

An agreement is reached by the two parties as to the number of articles, number of words and and payment.

So if you’re good in writing, be it stories, catchy news headline, articles, et al, then you can as well make it a source of income. If interested, see;



We will always need airtime to make calls. That’s why this business doesn’t or can’t go into extinction. Just with a little cash, you can start up a recharge card business where you sell all networks.

Luckily, there are platforms you can join today and you not only get to sell airtime, you also get to sell data, pay bills (electricity) and many other whatnots.

All you need do is just slide into our comment box if interested or shoot us a message; caleb@variety.com.ng

Now, you don’t have to remain idle all because of industrial action or whatever it may be. There are some businesses listed here that only need small cash and a helping hand, while some need technical know-how.

So pick from the options and do something today. Please share to help a fellow Nigerian student.

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